The Winter Solstice combines so many elements which I love. We have a full moon, the holidays (holy days), the excitement generated from completion of the old year and on to the new. This year I am planning on celebrating at Indigo Oasis yoga studio both events: the Winter Solstice and the New Year's Day celebration with a little chanting, a little yoga, and a little meditation. You are invited to come join me if you are inspired to do so. I will post dates and times on the Indigo Oasis Facebook page. Stay well and see you soon!

This image is a collection of 6 collages I have hanging up at Indigo Oasis. Indigo Oasis is Amanda and I giving stellar skincare services (including waxing, makeup consulting, not to mention the rockin' eyebrow design we do). Anyway, it's been a busy week, what with trying to the sign thing the right way via the City of Tucson's sign code hurdles. (We failed-trying again with another sign coming soon.)

Back to the art-making art is a moving meditation. These particular pieces were built up three-dimensionally, then collaged, distressed, overpainted, glued over, etc. They are loosely inspired by Indian paisley design elements re-interpreted as layered and collaged tiles. Size is 12 in x 12 in each. Don't you want one or two?

Bittersweet visit to Mt. Lemmon. I am sorry to say that I hadn't visited the Lemmon since the big fire. Two advantages: you can see more "view" with a lot of the trees gone, and there were lots of wildflowers exposed to sun due to lack of tree coverage. There were even a few leftover summer raspberries clinging to the bushes as we walked by. Moist earth with the dampness rising up-so different from the dry desert floor. There is an approximate drop of 11 degrees (F) for every 1,000 ft. in elevation.
Also bittersweet that this was last day of Kristov's visit to Tucson. It was a lovely time and I must admit that I learned from him as well. Much love to you, son, as you begin another chapter on your life journey.

Back one week after a very transformative month in the beautiful northern Arizona town of Sedona (named "Slowdona" by locals.) I realize that many of my favorite activities: folding pages, repetitive application of paint layers, and cutting and gluing tiny pieces of paper fly in the face of mindfulness practice. Add to that my impatience to see results equals a conflict of my inner and outer worlds. I am not ready to sort all of that out, by the way. Let's just say, I am muddling through, or slogging through ankle-deep mud that slows my "perceived progress." Practicing daily sadhana and waiting to see which door will open with the next opportunity. So far, two doors have closed, so I am anxious (yes, I am), to see what's next.


    Nadia Hlibka is an artist, calligrapher, massage therapist, aesthetician and now yoga teacher.


    August 2013